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Opened - July 2001?
Last Updated - Apr 24th 2003 - Okay, so a member update is on the way, it's taking longer than anticpated, but it will be done. Meanwhile, a new layout is complete and should be up in a couple of days, and the links down at the bottom have been updated. Keep joining, and hold tight for the member update coming soon.

July 3rd 2002 - Lotsa New members!
June 18th - New members
May 29th - NEW LAYOUT! NEW CODES! We clean up well, eh? Tell me how you like it!

About -
Hello and welcome to Angel Investigations. We're a clique dedicated to the televsion show Angel. We also double as the official fanlisting for the kooky crime fighting team of Angel Investigations. What is Angel Investigations? Well it's the special evil magic fighting association that Angel, Cordy, and Doyle founded. As we all know, Doyle passed on, but the team has made three new additions in the form of Wesley, Gunn and most recently, Fred. Together they combat the forces of evil and various other occurances that tend to dominate their lives. The idea for the site came to me while updating my ICQ information, under company name I had written Angel Investigations and voila! The idea! Would you love to be a part of Angel Investigations? Fighting evil alongside the ever dashing Angel? Doing research with Fred and Wesley? Laughing with Cordy and Gunn? Of course! So join

Rules -
1. You don't have to have a website. If you do it can't contain any racist, illegal or R-rated material.
2. If you have a website, you must place up a CODE, linking back here.
3. You must be a fan of the show Angel or the establishment of Angel Investigations!


Okay the codes, we have a variety to choose from. You can use text codes or some pretty image codes w/your fave character! Feel free to make your own image codes if you want! :) Remember to save the image, upload it to your server and link it back to

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